Mission Statement

Dohatech HealthService is a private limited company with a big heart and a mission. Our mission is to bring change, have an impact and to supply a quality service to those individuals in our society who may be deemed vulnerable and/or in need. Whilst building a successful profitable business is key Dohatech HealthService wants to truly create a social eco-system that helps the individual and the community to support each other whilst promoting well-being.

Dohatech HealthService is here to respond to a vital and growing social need. We are promoting and tackling:

  • Mental well-being of vulnerable persons and their carers
  • Loneliness and relationships (offering respite and access + socialisation)
  • Support to frontline services i.e. NHS, A&E, Ambulance, Police and Fire etc
  • Change the “Social Care Crisis” narrative by offering a qualitative health and social care service.
  • Sustainability and innovation whilst caring for human nature and rehabilitation

A Message From The Director – Andrew Duma

When you open and welcome us into your home, we are humbled, and we are keen to do something to help. The context of helping can be a complicated concept as each person has different needs or wants. We aim to please and to bring solutions, but at times we realise that it’s us who ends up learning because we are supporting people who are full of character, experience and knowledge and when they are happy to share this with us and take time to talk it forms a fantastic working relationship. It is a pleasure to see you and it is a pleasure to support you!

One of the key elements of Dohatech Health Care Ltd that we would like to share is the aspect of community and so we see ourselves as a catalyst to bring about change, creating windows of opportunity and offering a breath of fresh air to you or your loved one… to care, to share, to attend, to listen and to hold your hand in support and reassurance is what we aim to achieve. The latter summarises what it is that we do, and it is always done with good intention and I pray it is always done with a smile because when we smile, we spread happiness, bringing hope and positivity for each new day, no matter what the circumstances.

Dohatech….what does this word mean? Some of you have asked… The ‘D’ is for Duma, Doha is the capital of Qatar, an impressive, fast-growing, and ambitious city that is calling out to the world. “Small we may be but look at me grow and look at how impressively I can do this.” Tech is the future and intention of what is to follow as we enter a computer age, we are ambitious and we dare to dream that Dohatech will innovate, invent, or introduce new technologies in care. So, let us build this community together, starting by us talking to each other. We would like to take this opportunity to offer our existing customers a telephone line service, this is for people who want to talk to someone, have a chat, gain some reassurance, and fill in the gap or lull of life. If you are interested in this service, please contact me for more details, I look forward to hearing from you.

Giving, sharing and making a difference one person at a time. We glad to help and skilled enough to deliver qualitative care.