Coronavirus Pandemic

The Prime Minister has announced that all of England will be placed into a new National Lockdown as from Wednesday 6th January 2021 to control rising COVID-19 infections, protect the NHS and save lives. For information about what you can and cannot do under the new restrictions please go to

Dohatech Healthservice are keen to Reiterate the Lead message for all staff and service users to Keep Safe. Our Staff will continue to come and offer services and we ask all users to please kindly bear with us as we observe practice protocols and wear our PPE to come and give care. Going by evidence and experience gained from the first lockdown we are keen to promote socialisation and companionship so we hope and aspire to be there for you as a formidable support but we will endeavour to keep the social distance in as many ways as possible. There has been evidence of staff or customers contracting or passing on COVID-19 within the Care services and Dohatech is determined to see the end of COVID-19. We have therefore got our policies and staff having weekly tests and we are routinely reporting to CQC our status. We hope that by keeping safe we reduce the risk of our staff contracting the dreadful illness and reduce the chances of passing it onto any of our clients or Service users.

We have some confidence in the control measures that we have in place and so far they have been effective in protecting people. In supporting the national effort to control the spread of the virus and to minimise the risk posed by the current high rates of COVID-19 we will be isolating any staff who present with a positive test result or symptoms as is consistent with the National Lockdown. Our aim is to be transparent and keep as normal delivery of service but where we run late or have to change staff please bear with us and if we have any concern that you may have been exposed we will endeavour share information as best we can.

We know the next few weeks will be difficult and so please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew with any questions or any advise. We are really keen to hear from you about how best you would like to be supported.

We understand that change to how the service is delivered will be inconvenient however our primary concern remains the health and safety of our customers and staff. We will be monitoring the situation in the coming weeks and will keep you updated as the situation evolves.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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